Move That Feeling

If you do not like the way you feel [emotionally] move. The body creates endorphins with exercise. That's true and in the middle of an argument, it's not always easy to take off running.
For every emotion there is a coinciding, supportive, physical position.  One that supports you in your feeling of "fill in the blank". So, if you don't like the feeling you are feeling, change your position.
For example:  Notice which way your head is tilted, and tilt it the opposite way.   
Notice whether or not your eye brows are pulled together, and release them.  
Notice your lips. Pursed? Relax them.  
Jaw clenched?  More on one side or the other?  Front or back?  Open it, not a lot, just relaxed.
Neck?  Is your chin up or down?  Reverse it.
Now, what was that feeling?
The same works for judgements, whether positive or negative. We have a supporting head position that insures that we are right about what we are judging, good or bad.

Move that feeling by moving your body.