Bodily Truth

Muscle testing is simple and easy to discover your inner truth.

Enlist a friend to help you with this experiment.

Hold your arm shoulder height, straight out from your side.  Have a friend push down with equal force that you push up.  As you say your name your friend pushes down on your arm and you push up.  Notice how easy it is not to move, how strong.  You have made a truthful and good-for-you statement.  
Now say your name is "Susie or George" [if it's not] and push equally again.  Notice how easy it is for your friend to push your arm down to your side.  You have made an untruthful statement.
Your body knows truth and what is good and nourishing for you.  You can use this in regards to emotions, people, food, drink, places...anything you have a question about whether or not it would be beneficial to your body and you.
Try this next time you want to make a decision about what to have for dinner, or who you'd like to go out with, or what to watch on T.V.  
You can do it for yourself as well. With one hand, place your pinky finger tip on the tip of your thumb making a circle with that hand.  With the other hand, take two fingers [it can be your thumb and index finger or your thumb and middle finger] for the prying fingers.
Say a true statement like your name and try to push your pinky apart from your thumb with the other fingers, then make a false statement and try again.

TA! DA! You now have a tool to help you get in touch with what nourishes you.