Presence in Healing ... Alo-in-Agua

Blue Water Intentions co-creators Robin Matthews and Sara Pierce welcome you to a place of healing and exploration in water and presence. You are invited to experience "Alo-in-Agua" which means presence in water taken from Hawaiian, English, and Spanish languages respectively.

Through expanded consciousness, multi-dimensional healing, gentle touch, and movement, you can heal your wounds. You can increase possibility and reopen our perceptual nets. You can co-create the life you want. You can learn in each moment as you go.

Robin and Sara serve as guides and partners in this self-discovery process through table sessions, small group floor processes, and/or aquatic suspension sessions. In private sessions the guests typically states a wish, which can be for anything. It could be concrete or abstract relative to self. A wish, a dream or a problem morphed into a desire for change are helpful points to start from. This sets the intention for the connection and the stage for self-healing.

The teacher remains present with an open perceptual net to model congruence between the soul and personality the best they can in the moment. They impart these same skills to the guest within context in which the guests seeks healing.

Each person’s great potential to feel pain and sorrow correlates to the great potential to feel joy and compassion. This work is about feelings and unlimited possibilities.

The physical body is the only part of self that always exists in the present moment. Other parts of self travel forward and back in time which distracts us from the present occupied experience. When this happens, an unconscious assignment of meaning in relation to past and future can color the experiences and memory.

With the courage to face old wounds, strategies used to handle them, and feelings attached to them you can experience more love of self and others. You have access to more joy, compassion, congruence and connection. The vibration that is gentle to self heals.

Robin and Sara’s work is one of many ways to move forward in your journey to change and heal – and certainly one worthy of more exploration.

                                 We hope to be gentle guides on your healing path soon!  ~ Robin & Sara