Jasmine Sky's Enthusiasm

October 14, 2009

Greetings All,
Jasmine Sky here. I have been moved by Spirit to send this email of enthusiasm  and recommendation about Robin Mathews. I urge you to sieze the moment and sign up for a session. Here’s why.
I worked intensively with Robin on my own in my pool 2 years ago. In only a few sessions a lifelong back problem evaporated into thin air. I have worked with many people using many modalities and yet I still had a back problem. I am a trained dancer and know much about bodies and my body in particular so it was even more profound for me when I was able to release my back problem without any mental strain.

 What I liked most about the work Robin does in the water is that
  • Almost immediately, I go into a preverbal state if not a complete return to the womb.
  • My body is weightless for the whole session allowing it release in any direction it wants without gravity or a table or the ground getting in the way of my release.
  • Robin is a very talented, skillful facilitator. She is full of joy and giggles without losing the depth of her compassion and focus. This is so important.
  • The modality has an amazing analysis of body problems and their corresponding emotional/ psychological/spiritual significance.

In fact, I was on the phone with Robin booking an appointment for a knee problem that has just arisen and in closing she told me what the issue was that I was dealing with. Her sharing was both a revelation and a no brainer. I shared with her that I was clear that I was ready to let it go and that my father’s death had opened a door for the unveiling and release of much baggage and body armor.

When I got off the phone and started walking I could feel that what had felt like a pulled ligament that I’d had for 1.5 months had moved down to my ankle. I sat down to massage my ankle and when I got up the knee was fine! All gone! I giggled and laughed at the magnificent play of it all. Woke up this morning…no strained knee. Sat for 1 hour meditation…no strain at all.
All of this to say that I hope you can have the joy of release and integration with your highest Self and highly recommend Robin and her work. Don’t postpone your joy. If there is even a tiny voice inside you that says you’d like to do the intensive, act on it. Call up Robin and say you want to do it. I’m sure she can creatively solve any financial obstacles to make it possible for you to join in.
So many blessings of love and healing I send to you all, Jasmine