Create Compassion, Lose Your But

Pay attention to your words. We have all heard these words before. An example would be the words "but" and "and."  There is a huge difference between how one feels when "but" is used vs. "and."
The word "but" negates everything stated before it. For example with "I love you but you are annoying me right now"  the person hears they are annoying, not loved.
When you change the statement to "and" -- "I love you and you are annoying me right now" the feeling is totally different. The person hears they are annoying and they are loved.
The same works when you hear yourself saying "but." "I am smart but blonde."  " I want to go out with you but I'm busy."  Change it to "and" and once again feel the difference..."I am smart and blonde."  " I want to go out with you and I'm busy."  Which would you rather hear?
You can start today being more positive- seeking and less negative by just rephrasing your sentences, replacing "but" with "and".
Create more compassion for yourself and others by simply listening for those two words and playing with them.