Your Hosts Robin Matthews and Sara Pierce

Robin Matthews

Personal Awareness Trainer
Co-Founder, Alo In Agua 

For over thirteen years, Robin has studied various healing modalities, and being one of the rare awareness trainers near the warm waters of South Florida, she has discovered how much better the methodologies work in the water. To this day she continues her studies to bring more curiosities and discoveries to the sessions for her clients.

She shares and teaches the new facets and new depths of self with each client. The profound changes continue to be undeniable.

Inner knowledge results from the sum of your experiences -- big and small. From these experiential gems you have the ability to manifest the treasures you seek.

Since Robin graduated with a BA in 1979, she has worn many hats, all with the common thread of enjoying people, connections with people and connecting people to a deeper sense of self for improved life balance and relationships.

"It is part of my life's purpose to assist people to feel and connect with more of themselves," she says.

To help you become aware, discover, and uncover your own forgotten or hidden treasure is her life's work.

With this passion, she invites to use this practice in any kind of water you will enjoy - oceans, lakes, pools or hot tubs.

Robin has trained with many healers abroad, including training in Iceland and the Bahamas.  Her stateside work includes studies in Florida, Maine, New Hampshire, Hawaii and California.
Robin lives in the Florida Keys and works wherever the opportunity for connection and healing arises.

Sara Pierce

Founder, Presence in Healing
Co-Founder, Alo In Agua

In her integrative philosophy Sara welcomes the idea that abundance begets abundance. Each method she is influenced by offered her a window into partial truths. When she applies them synergistically with others, the fruits are multiplied exponentially.  Sara believes deeply in the idealistic view of many paths, one destination. In her practice she seeks to:
  • Introduce an intelligent component that strengthens the inner working of the body
  • Offer core stability in multiple levels of consciousness
  • Include more parts of self in greater congruence to provide flexibility and possibility that is about opening, letting go and choice
  • Encourage breath, connection and resulting awareness that is integrative in nature
  • Model and encourage joy, playfulness, and a cultivation of a body and spirit that is happy and at ease

For more than 25 years, Sara has studied various healing modalities, both in and out of the water. She lives and works in Maine and offers sessions and classes in Los Angeles, Florida, Hawaii, and other warm locales.

Come float, move, explore, and play with Sara soon!