Before You Go

The following are some helpful hint and things to know before you go on a discovery adventure with Blue Water Intentions.

1.  Wear a comfortable bathing suit. If you don't have a bathing suit a pair of shorts and a tank top or t-shirt will be fine.  We will ask you for your skirt or pant size to have a wet suite ready that will fit you properly.

2.  Bring a towel to wrap in and sit on when you leave, so your car seat won't get wet.  We provide towels for drying off and covering up with immediately after your session.  We also provide you with one bottle of water.  If you are a big water drinker, you may bring an extra.

3.  We also think ahead for you and provide sun screen, water shoes, ear plugs and a mask if the water is rough for you. If you prefer your own, you may also bring them.

4.  Bring a list (no need to write it, just have it in your head) of what you would like for your session.  It is about you.  What do you want more of, less of, help with, released, relaxed?  What  do you want to bring in?  What would you like moved out, old stuff, chronic stuff, stuffed stuff?  We oft times sabotage our own change/healing by not expressing what we want and then by not having an idea of what that change/healing will "look or feel" like.  How will we recognize it if we don’t have an idea first?

5.  Plan at least one hour with us in the water. It might be longer depending on how much recovery time resting on the beach takes you.  There is no time limit on my end and I would suggest you give yourself as much time as you need.

6.  Honor yourself and your individual needs afterwards.  Be aware of any "should.” For example, “I should do the laundry.” “I should go to the grocery store.” If you also "want" or "desire" to do the laundry or go to the grocery store then, go for it.  Some people like to go home and take a nap.  Some people are filled with energy.  Response to this experience is very individual.

7.  You will be floating with your head supported by an inflated pillow (the kind you use on an airline flight) or by my hands when I am working with your brain.  At no time will you be floating away or in any danger from boats. I will be moving you around in the water to see how you move and where the "knots" are.

8. Sometimes there will be splashing and waves...sometimes wind, sometimes seaweed.   The great thing about working in the ocean is that nature supports us in ways we don't expect.  For each client the weather and water are different.  It is my experience that if a person needs calm and sunny it will be calm and sunny.  And if a person needs choppy or a lot of waves or over cast to override old patterns and release some locked-in sensation, nature knows and provides.

9.  There are sometimes rocks along the shore which is why I provide everyone with water shoes.  After we are finished, I assist you out of the water, assist you out of your water shoes and wet suit, wrap you up in nice dry towels and lay you down on a mat on the beach where the sound of waves serenade you while you slowly re-adjust to the feel of your body in gravity.